Widows Indigent Shelther Scheme (WISS)

In realizing this objective Vicar Hope Foundation brings a new dimension to housing provision. The housing scheme aims to satisfy the basic physical, social and emotional yearnings of the beneficiaries. Principally, most mass housing scheme are set up in such a way to utilize common services and amenities to drive down costs. Vicar Hope Foundation is mindful of the social and emotional strain of relocating potential beneficiaries to estate style-housing which disconnects them from familiar cultural environment, relatives and friends. Vicar Hope Foundation WISS opts to build in the native land of beneficiaries using local materials and prototype design thus reducing cost to the minimum. Thirty (30) units of three-bedroom and two-bedroom bungalows have been completed, commissioned and handed over to the beneficiaries over the past twenty months. At the moment, a three-bedroom bungalow costs about N4,700,000.00 (USD13,000.00) to complete and equip with furnishing that makes it a complete home for the beneficiaries. Funding for WISS is gotten from donations.

WISS beneficiaries are often the target of other VHF programmes such as SPRINGBOARD, initiated by Mrs. Ikpeazu to train and empower indigent people with skills and equipment to make them self-reliant. It keys into “GOAL1” and “GOAL 5” of the Sustainable Development Goals. The programme goal is to train over a 1,065 persons in various skills across the seventeen (17) Local Government Areas (LGA) of Abia State over a period of thirty six months. 250 have been trained and equipped.

Widows Indigent Shelther Scheme (WISS) Beneficiaries, click on Pix for Larger View and For Full List Click Here

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