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THIS is a programme that encourages the protection of our habitat and conservation of natural resources.  It will promote tree planting and preservation of wildlife zones and forests.

A programme to identify and support budding talents in all fields of endeavour.
Ingenium is a programme designed to support budding talents in all endeavours. Special focus has been giving to children in the early education stages. Statewide talents hunt for primary school age kids with gifts in the arts, like sculpturing, painting and technological invention is currently going on. VHF is working in collaboration with the Office of the Wife of the Governor of Abia State, the State Universal Basic Education Board and the Education Secretaries in the Seventeen Local Government Areas of Abia State.


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If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. - Mother Theresa

VHF Office
Opp. New Secretariate Umuahia.
Abia State.
PH:08081921217, 09038177395

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