About Vicar Hope Foundation.

Vicar Hope Foundation(VHF) is a humanitarian organization founded by Mrs. Nkechi Ikpeazu and registered in Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters Act as a not-for-profit institute.

It is registered for the purposes of (a) assisting the physically challenged, vulnerable, and the socio-economically underprivileged as well as impart skills that would make them self reliant. (b) to provide a platform for enhancing the status of women, teenagers and children through education, empowerment, welfare, healthcare provision and skills development(c) to locate, and establish indigent widows, the aged and other persons as well as give love and succor to less privileged, the motherless babies and young orphans.

.(d) to undertake such programmes as may be seen to contribute to enhancing human-to-human relationship and to promote peace and unity amongst members of society (e) to carry out interventions, and enlightenment campaigns against deadly diseases, health challenges, poverty, obnoxious widowhood and teenage girl practices, as well as promote maternal and child care, women and children’s rights. (f) to pursue the promotion and implementation of planet-friendly policies that would enhance the living environment for man and beast (g) to help in the expansion of the intellectual capacities of the Nigerian child by providing the means and material to encourage such growth (h) to make significant contributions to the spiritual and moral  development of members of society.

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